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What is a timer?

A timer is a device that starts or stops something at a set time. It is a device (such as a clock) that starts or stops a device at predetermined times. A timer is a device that can make a sound when a particular number of seconds, minutes or hours have gone past. It is a timepiece that measures a time interval and signals its end. There is another definition of a timer. Indeed, a timer is a clock that controls the sequence of an event while counting in fixed intervals of time. Furthermore, we can say that it is a hardware device that keeps track of the elapsed time between two events.

Online timer

Timer.net is an online timer that allows you to measure the time elapsed occurring for a specific time interval. You can enter your time and select seconds, minutes and hours. When the timer time is up, there is a buzzer and an hourglass appears in the center of the timer. Set the second, minute or hour for the online countdown timer and then start it (click on "START"). A hourglass is an instrument for measuring time.

What instruments are used to measure time?

There are a lot of instruments which are used to measure time. For a very long time instruments have been invented to measure time. For example, people used instruments such as sundials to keep track of time.


A clock is an instrument used to indicate and measure time. The definition of a clock is a device for showing and measuring time. Clocks and watches are classified as timepieces.


A watch is a portable timepiece that is designed to be worn on the wrist. A mechanical watch is powered by gears and springs. Peter Henlein (German from Nuremberg) is typically credited with inventing the first watch. He was born in 1485. There are different types of watches. We can mention for example mechanical watches, automatic watches and digital watches.


A timer is a timepiece used for measuring and signaling the end of time intervals. You can use an online timer on Timer.net.


A stopwatch measures time intervals using specific activation and deactivation points. Another name for a stopwatch is a chronograph. Timers are devices that count down from a specified time interval. Stopwatches are devices that do the opposite. Indeed they are measuring elapsed time by counting upwards from zero. Stopwatches are for example used in sport to measure running time.

Alarm clock

An alarm clock is a clock that you can set to wake you up.


We can used calendars to keep a track of years.


An hourglass is a device for measuring time by the trickling of sand.


A sundial indicates the time of day by the position of the shadow of some object exposed to the sun's rays.